New Year celebrations

Interesting ideas for the winter vacation in the Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains are not very high mountains by world standards. They fall short in height and 3,000 meters. But no matter what, this is the most real mountains, ski resorts, veiled bluish haze in summer and wrap up the snow peaks in winter. Carpathian spring and summer roll in bright green grasses, and in the fall, though bullion, Lambent crimson and gold is already preparing for winter foliage. But most impressive is time – this, of course, winter. Especially if you are planning to celebrate New Year here. It is celebrated in the Carpathians with a special flavor, and it should all look, but also a better person to take part in the celebration.

winter holidays in Bukovel

Vacationing in the Carpathian Mountains in winter come from everywhere, with people of different incomes. A lot of young people, students with skis and snowboards. Come here even with young children. Find shelter and employment in the Carpathians and rafters, cavers, kayakers and many other extremal.

Wealthy people who come to rest in the Carpathians in the winter, enjoy all the services of civilization. Here are located the famous resorts – Bukovel, Dragoyubrat, Slavskoe and built the most modern tourist complexes, which are equipped with all kinds of lifts and many other civilized pleasures of winter recreation. The usual students are satisfied with slopes down to the lower back, removable housing and endless enthusiasm, in a circle of gay brother.

Christmas and New Year in the Carpathians

Christmas and New Year in the Carpathians – it is an opportunity to see for themselves how the holidays have guzul Ukrainian and other ethnic groups that inhabit the territory of the Carpathian Mountains. Here revere and respect the tradition. At Christmas “dens” is attended by all the locals. Christmas “Nativity Scene” – a costumed action with the appropriate attributes. It all looks very nice, fun and colorful. As for the holiday table on the “Holy Supper”, what are the names alone: Galitsky soup, homemade sausage, banosh, dumplings, Woerden, Hutsul Knyshov and, of course, the traditional “Kutya”, which is richly flavored with delicious ingredients.

Options for New Year celebrations

If you go in the winter in the Carpathians and you plan to celebrate New Year in Bukovel, in front of you there is a lot of options, and you can choose any of them. Celebrate it alone in a quiet house with a fireplace and a tree desirable to circle and closest people to organize a party in the noisy company, and you can spend New Year’s Eve in kolyba – somewhere at the foot of a shepherd’s hut. Only when you leave kolyba, do not forget to leave there firewood, tea and something else of the products. Because that tells “kolybnaya” ethics dictated by the harsh mountain conditions.