Carpathians in the winter

In order to have a great vacation does not necessarily wait for summer. Because winter holidays can also be quite exciting, the most important thing to determine the right direction. For the majority of people rest in Bukovel – it means to roll relish skiing. Feel the atmosphere of the mountains, enjoy the descent from the mountain top or just a breath of fresh air. To date, winter vacation in the Carpathian Mountains prefers more and more people. Come here every year millions of fans of ski resorts and tourists.

Bukovel winter

Fantastic atmosphere of the mountains in winter

Rest in Carpathians – is the best winter holidays. Describe vacation in the mountains is practically impossible, and to convey the fantastic atmosphere of winter mountains, you need to go there and enjoy the incredible flavors of the forest in winter.

In winter the mountains there is something fascinating and alluring. After the visit there at least once, and then want to return again and again to gain strength from pure winter air, majestic mountains and ancient trees.

Holidays in the Carpathians

Planning to spend your vacation just in the Carpathians, you will not regret it one hundred percent. If you are bored disgusting ecology, bustle of the metropolis, you definitely need to go to the Carpathians. Especially good here on holidays. Christmas or New Year’s vacation leave delightful impression as to the holiday and the atmosphere snowy winter. 

There is also comfortable and the one who loves peace and quiet, the silence of the mountains and fresh air. Find what to do in the Carpathians and lovers of active, extreme rest. Tourists come here to get a charge of vivacity and positive to forget about the bustle of life in the city and plunge into the whirlpool of fantastic, bright and unforgettable emotions.

Most popular ski resorts 

The most popular destinations for most of the visitors are considered to ski resorts in Bukovel, Slavsko, Palyanitsa, Dragobrate. These resorts are insanely beautiful. This is the most prestigious and picturesque destinations.

winter holidays in Bukovel