Spend New Year’s holidays in the Carpathians

If you are tired, as usual you are the New Year holidays and want something new, fabulous and memorable, you can spend New Year holidays in the magic Carpathians. This region for hundreds of years in a row is a traditional venue for Christmas and New Year and the number of unforgettable experiences is breaking all records.

Bukovel New Year

Carpathians – a real fairy tale

Christmas or New Year in the Carpathians – it really is a real fairy tale. The main thing to plunge into this fairy tale with a head, forget about all the everyday problems and just enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery. Nature itself has created here are special conditions for you to be able to relax in the Carpathian Mountains in winter – this snow-covered slopes of the mountains, and quaint Hutsul house, where you can melt the fireplace, and wrapped in a blanket around him enjoy hot mulled wine. Besides all this, the Carpathians – it is also a great opportunity for those who like active sports. To do this, here is everything you need and lifts and ski slopes, and rental of sports equipment.

Coloring Ukrainian ethnic villages

In the Carpathians, the organization of New Year holidays is very closely linked with the colors of the Ukrainian ethnic villages. Since the Carpathian people highly value their traditions, culture and legends. New Year in the Carpathians – it is always an unforgettable holiday “dens”, when boys and girls dress up in pagan and biblical characters. It is also the numerous ceremonies with dances and songs. Well, as without “Holy Supper” – traditional Kutya, fragrant homemade wine, dumplings, red Galician soup, Hutsul banosh, Knyshov, Woerden, smoked homemade sausage. All this and much more you can see and taste, arrived on New Year’s holidays in the Carpathians.