Vacation in Bukovel

Year-round recreation in the Carpathians

The mild climate, the natural purity of the mountain air, rich tourist program and excellent facilities make the Carpathians the best option for a pleasant stay at any time of the year. Built in 2002, Bukovel fully meets all European requirements for the ski resorts of the highest level. There are more than 55 kilometers of slopes equipped with snow cannons that enable uninterrupted rest in the absence of natural snow. Regularly operated lifts, professionals caring for slopes, comfortable hotels and well-established work of all customer-service resort promises guests a complete rest in Bukovel winter. Pump room with mineral water from the springs of the Carpathians, carefully designed and equipped with hiking trails in the mountains, attentive instructors and extensive catering delight of tourists and summer.

Winter Holidays


If you – brave, physically hardy traveler who loves fun in a noisy company, the rest in Bukovel winter is the most suitable.

Summer vacation


Many people who are planning a vacation, prefer holidays in Bukovel summer. It was then in the Carpathians can gather up all sorts of wild berries, mushrooms, nuts.

Resort Bukovel


What could be more comfortable and more beautiful than Bukovel resort with world-renowned, clean air and a unique national color.

Prices for holidays in Bukovel

The main question that confronts those who are willing to go to conquer the mountain slopes of the Carpathians: the cost of holidays in Bukovel. A definite answer with exact numbers is difficult to give. One thing is – it is accessible to any budget. Housing choice is huge. Beginning with a respectable hotel apartments and comfortable cottages, and ending with inexpensive rooms in the private sector. Important factor affecting the cost – it’s the holidays. In winter, especially during the holiday season, the resort life rages. Hotels are crowded, the private sector is not available from the village Polanica that close to Bukovel, and up to Kalush. Accordingly, prices for holidays in the Carpathians at this time are high. However, if you stop your choice on our hotel “Fomich”, you will be pleasantly surprised by the democratic pricing policy. Delight and accommodation in cottages for 2 and 3 family. Summer housing simpler: in terms of availability, and in terms of price. Make the most of the winter, Bukovel is gaining momentum in the provision of services in the summer. A familiar sight at this time is up to the mountain peaks of the Carpathians mountain climbers. Special article – mineral springs, which abound in the vicinity of the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Pump room with water standing in each hotel and the winter and summer.

Quality of service

If we talk about the level of services provided, it should be remembered that this is the most modern and largest ski resort in the Carpathian Mountains. The only one existing in the area of resorts that are fully compliant with European safety standards and quality of service. Simply put, the rest in Bukovel – this alpine respectability, hospitality Balkans and charming beauty of the Carpathians in one place. On tracks Bukovelya night as bright as day. Powerful lighting allows you to enjoy the descent from the mountains in the early morning to late evening. In addition, there is a possibility to pay for skaypassy you comfortable pattern: round the clock access to the slopes, pay only the morning hours, the choice to ski in the evening. Individual approach to each client always has a positive impact on impressions.

The cozy cafe

Cozy restaurants and cafes invite you to relax from the breakneck speed with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy local cuisine. Throughout the resort placed small shops where you can buy everything you need at home and buy souvenirs. In malls you will find a rich cultural program, discos and theme parties. Do not be left without attention, and young guests Bukovelya. Experienced instructors will help them learn the basics of downhill skiing, hotels playroom for children, with additional capacity for cots installed. Carpathians meet you vivid originality, will give a lot of positive emotions and experience the atmosphere of the holiday. Whether you choose a family trip or a romantic getaway for two, prices for holidays in Bukovel will not burden your budget. The exception of Christmas and New Year tours, when the cost of holidays is significantly increased.

Recreation and entertainment all year round!