Rest in Bukovel

Carpathians, according to know a lot about traveling people, its unique beauty is not inferior to anything the Pyrenees and the Alps. Everyone who has ever had to visit these places, definitely became a captive of picturesque views of the mountains. Rest in Carpathians – a unique opportunity to get in touch with unmatched pristine nature in these places, enchanting mountain scenery.

отдохнуть в Буковеле

Rest in Carpathians

At an altitude of 900 meters above sea level stretches Ukrainian Bukovel, is a modern ski resort, taking all those wishing to relax in summer and winter. Bukovel – a very high level of infrastructure that accompanies the organization of recreation. Bukovel resort is located near the village of Polanica, near the tourist town of Yaremche, near the mountain Goverla.

Rest in Bukovel – a great opportunity to take advantage of modern ski slopes, in the neighborhood of which more than 50 km. This route not only for snowboarders and skiers, but already experienced, who come here to combine exercise and relaxation.

Rest in Carpathians – it is safe

Rest in Carpathians Bukovel – a guaranteed security, as through the use of modern computer technology tracked mountain ascents and descents. With tourists in the resorts run by experienced instructors who introduce them to the ski trails and pick up the necessary complexity routes separately for each skier.

Often come to rest in Bukovel and those who are just starting to learn skiing. For this reason it is very important for instructors to the first steps on the slopes have been successful, descents were no injuries, because it is only then rest for the next season will want to visit this resort, because no one is impossible to remain indifferent to these places.

Pleasant climate Bukovelya

Also, tourists are attracted by the climate in Bukovel, the absence of strong winds, snowy winters with lots of sunny days. If there is no snow in the mountains, drifts organized with the help of snow cannons, so with skiing from the mountain slopes problems do not happen ever.

There are all conditions

For those who are resting, all the necessary conditions, in the evening they will find cozy restaurants and cafes where you can warm up with mulled wine and mentally to sit with friends. The resort has a Bike Park, bowling, tennis courts, there is a snowmobile rentals, in addition to all of this famous resorts and spa treatments thanks to the mineral waters. Hotel rooms are designed perfectly on any visitor – as economy class and five star hotels.