Carpathian in summer

Summer – it’s time to welcome the bright, this time, when pupils and students are coming holidays and vacations. Summer is the best time to travel interesting and exciting trips. Carpathians this time of year are a very popular place for outdoor activities in Ukraine. Since the place is unusual, they enchant not only for its pristine, wild beauty of nature, and can easily boast excellent opportunities for an active summer holiday.

It is accessible and interesting for climbing mountain peaks richly complemented by a huge number of national parks with an incredibly large expanses of forest and rivers, cliffs, waterfalls, natural hot springs, lakes and karst caves. The ruins of ancient castles, monasteries and castles, ancient temples acting – also of great interest for all those who love history.

Summer hiking in the Carpathians give an excellent opportunity to visit the absolutely fantastic world. Very unusual almost everything that is in the Carpathians: forest – dense and thick, mountain – steep and tall, and the hut – wood with thick logs. Very friendly people, who were able to preserve the ancient traditions of their ancestors and their ethnic identity culture, you can find only in Hutsul Carpathians. The Carpathian Mountains have a very powerful energy, because, knowingly coming here once, most of the tourists come back here again and again.

Summer house in the Carpathians Bukovel more accessible than in the winter. Therefore, organizing a vacation, you can not worry about where to stay – enough options for everyone.

отдых в Буковеле летом

Striking hiking in the Carpathians

During the summer, hiking in the Carpathians strikingly different from other routes elsewhere.

  • Carpathians allow tourists to feel as if they did not go to Ukraine, and the wild taiga, or climbed the unknown side of the world, while all the time they are quite close to civilization. If you’re lucky, you can hike for a week without seeing a soul. Variety of animals: bears, wolves, deer and lynx avoid roads and paths on which people walk, but even the sight of free-ranging horses in the mountains, knocking woodpeckers and grouse, travelers will deliver a lot of fun and joy. Why are only the night gatherings around a crackling fire in peace, a sense of peace, silence and incredible heady mountain air of freedom – all it provides high quality, first-class holiday.
  • Summer in the Carpathian Mountains on the routes has a huge impact unpredictable, which provides local climate and weather. Carpathians, perhaps, one of the most ideal places for a comfortable transfer unbearable summer heat. Often, the temperature here, even in July rarely exceeds 25 ° C, and the sun, wind and rain replace each other so naturally and quickly, sometimes just wonder how this could be.
  • Summer hiking in the Carpathian Mountains are beautiful so that in the local woods a lot of different berries and mushrooms. In the Carpathians, a lot of delicious berries: raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries and strawberries. In campaigns almost every couple of kilometers across Blueberry carpets-field, but the main center of the blueberry is considered Volovetsky area in the Transcarpathian region, where this berry even put an unusual monument. Blueberries – a true fount of useful organic acids, trace elements, vitamins, it also has a therapeutic effect, rejuvenates the entire body and improves vision. Carpathian mushrooms have long become a real environmental standard, which is very important, the most delicious and clean mushrooms. In the Carpathians, there are more than 200 different species of fungi, but especially valuable, of course, considered white fungus, he is king among his fellows. Season when the pickers go hunting in the mountains, from the end of June and ends with the first frost already in September or October.

Well what real Carpathian cheese – a unique product of the western region of Ukraine, you can try only in summer hikes. And this cheese is very different from that which we buy in stores, believe our word for it. In the period from early June to late September, local hutsuly graze on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains herds of sheep and cows. Of the milk and rennet shepherds made right there on the mountain glades Polonyna variety of dairy products: Buts, cheese and vurda.

In order to succeed your leisure in the Carpathians, and you will be pampered with unusual products and exotic delicacies comfortably passed along the route, do not think about the various household and institutional issues and not get lost – come to the Carpathians and we will arrange for you the best holiday! Hotels in Bukovel better yet to implement in advance and then your vacation will pass with flying colors.