Carpathians in June

Wild Carpathians every year more and more people are attracted. In Crimea, we really we go almost every year, we eat the same food and Tatar cheburechnaya lie on the same beaches. But at some point suddenly realize that this kind of vacation as has become customary, that no longer deliver the emotions that we’re going to look at some other place for spending cherished vacation with joy and benefit.

Carpathian Mountains in summer

A little bit about the Carpathians

Firstly – there is not hot. This is generally the most ideal option for those who are hard to tolerate heat. Moderate Carpathian climate is able to protect your skin from burns, cool and clean air will not burn the respiratory tract.

Just fantastic nature in June

All fragrant and buyaet, grass waist-deep, mountain fields, which the locals call “polonynas” all direct dotted with colorful flowers. Mushroom season begins. You at any time, even while living in the hotel, you can go for a walk around the neighborhood or go to the conductors in the groove hiking in the mountains, such as the famous Goverlu.

In the Carpathians, is also very developed horseback riding, and at an affordable price, especially when compared to the cost of the Crimea. If you’ve always wanted to try to ride a horse, or just love horses, whereas Western Ukraine – a great opportunity to make a reality of their dreams.

A huge number of museums capable of hitting any scholar. Absolutely color and taste, ranging from historical museums and ending museum of musical instruments, which can be visited almost every day. And all this against the background of the traditions that have been preserved and the ancient Ukrainian life. Ethnic unique nature of the Carpathians immediately affects and causes fall in love with each guest.

And this is expressed in everything that people wear shirts, shirts, many unusual things in a special hospitality, in the language in which they communicate with each other in the kitchen, etc. And, of course, special entertainment, which is impossible to remain silent – a white-water rafting on the river Black Cheremosh.

In June the water to drain just have harmless, but still high. So if you are interested in descent of the rapids on a raft of good quality, go to the Carpathians was in June and you certainly did not regret it.

Do you know how wonderful stay in a private estate or cottage in Bukovel. Here you will be able to fully acquainted with the culture and identity of Hutsul people!

Travel on, always try something new, interesting and better. If you have long been looking for an alternative to the Crimea, but are not ready or do not want to go abroad, then the Western Ukraine – a wonderful holiday at affordable with lots of money and emotions.