The Park Hotel Fomich

31.12.2015 – beginning at 22.00

CABARE NIGHT – Congress mafias

You will enjoy an entertaining theatrical show with the cast of cabaret, live music, vocal jazz, Broadway seductive dance, theater games, mafia tricks, and incredible feast.

HERE you will plunge into the atmosphere of Broadway musicals will feel the real stars of Cabaret and the real Mafiosi!!!

From the star guests welcome you

 группа «Luiku»

and Jan Soul


  • female – CABARET STAR (feathers, dress, mushtuk)
  • male – MAFIA (hat, vest, suit, cigar)
  • Cost per person 2500.00 UAH.
  • children up to 6 years old – free;
  • children from 6 years and up to 12 – half the cost.
  • For children, a separate entertainment program!